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Published on July 29, 2012 By Kathy

When hypnosis is linked with natural childbirth training, double benefits result. The two methods of preparation do the following:   *Reduce or eliminate fear  *Produce pervasive relaxation  *Significantly diminish the need for medication; possibly eliminating medication for some women  *Shorten the period of labor  *Lessen the behavioral signs of pain  *Speed up recovery  *Plus more It is important […]

Stage Hypnosis – Friend Or Foe?

Published on January 16, 2012 By Kathy

Stage Hypnosis Stage Hypnosis – Friend Or Foe? Article by Richard MacKenzie As a Hypnotherapist people ask me time and time again about my views on Stage Hypnosis. Not so long ago I actually received a letter which was regarding my support for Stage Hypnosis. The letter expressed the great disappointment of its author that […]

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