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Alleviate Insomnia

Published on June 16, 2013 By Kathy

Studies show that up to 85 million North Americans suffer from sleep deprivation resulting in countless negative consequences such as physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health problems associated with insomnia. Those suffering from insomnia often wake up frequently throughout the night, do not feel refreshed when they wake up, and have an inability to stay […]

Sleep Improvement

Published on February 24, 2013 By Kathy

Carl  Jung, a great proponent of hypnosis (1875-1961) wrote, “Dreams are important to our mental health, and sleep is important for our body to regenerate.” Insomnia is the inability to obtain an adequate amount or quality of sleep. There may be difficulty in falling asleep, remaining asleep or both. Insomnia is a very common sleep […]

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