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Laurens-Marathon Prom Stage Show

Published on May 6, 2012 By Kathy

Laurens-Marathon Prom Stage Show The pictures below are from a show I did for the Laurens-Marathon Prom on April 21st. This was so much fun for everybody, including me. Participants are on a rollercoaster ride at one of thelargest amusement parksin Iowa. Some of these hills arereally steep. This was a great ride! During a […]

Scheduled Events for April

Published on May 6, 2012 By Kathy

Upcoming Stage Shows: On April 14th, I will be traveling to Lohrville, Iowa to do a show to help welcome their new librarian. On April 16th, I will be traveling to Algona, Iowa to do a show for at a banquet to and to talk about hospice and how hypnosis is able to help hospice […]

Stage Hypnosis

Published on November 30, 2011 By Colin Winston Aldridge

For lots of people, the first factor that comes to mind when the word hypnosis is mentioned is a picture of a stage show where unwitting audience members are brought on stage and convinced to do embarrassing issues for the entertainment of the audience. This type of hypnosis is regarded as stage hypnotism and is really not agreed to be genuine hypnosis by most specialists. So while most of the people doing this sort of work do call themselves hypnotists, this is debated by a lot of.

Iowa Hypnotist – Hypnosis Show with CRIMSON 333

Published on November 26, 2011 By Kathy

Looking for a great Iowa Hypnotist? Try a Comedy Hypnosis Show with CRIMSON – the best Iowa Hypnotist – watch her video here….hilariousVideo Rating: 0 / 5

Justin Tranz Hypnotist Las Vegas Stage Hypnosis Show

Published on November 26, 2011 By Kathy

Justin Tranz Las Vegas Stage Hypnosis Show. Watch Justin Tranz on Stage. See Justin Tranz live in Las Vegas. Justin Tranz has a very funny show. Witness Justin Tranz hypnotizing people very fast. Justin Tranz is The Greatest Hypnotist of All Time. Justin Tranz has the funniest show in the world. See Justin Tranz live […]

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