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Hypnotic Communication

Published on May 20, 2012 By Kathy

Effective hypnotic communication is based on suggestion. Think, for a moment, about the ways in which various forms of suggestion play an integral part in your life. You drive to work, passing a billboard showing a group of euphoric people listening to KJOY. The suggestion: Your life will be happier, joyful even, if you listen […]

Stage Hypnosis Experience – with Amber Greenwich

Published on March 19, 2012 By Kathy

Stage Hypnosis Experience – With Amber Greenwich Ever want to experience stage hypnosis? But you don’t want your friends to talk about your silly act for years to come? Enjoy entertainment hypnosis at the comfort of your home! Look for our up coming hypnosis video session! Volunteer for Hypnotist Amber, and let her show you […]

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