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Hypnosis and Childbirth

Published on December 30, 2012 By Kathy

In our society women are hypnotically programmed to have substantial pain during the childbirth process. It is now believed that as a child grows inside the mother’s womb, the child hears what’s going on outside. Although what the child hears, other than the emotion of the conversation, is not understood by the child, after the child […]


Published on September 2, 2012 By Kathy

A belief in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny is appropriate in the very young but abnormal in the teenager. For teenagers, whose ideals exceed their experience, a belief that the world should be a utopia is appropriate. College students living on allowances are often indignant at inequities in a world they have yet to […]

Battle of the Beliefs

Published on June 17, 2012 By Kathy

Any belief that comes into the conscious level of awareness that does not match the beliefs that have already been accepted at the subconscious level will be rejected, any that match the existing beliefs will be accepted and added to the pile. What we call self-sabotage (shooting ourselves in the foot, hoof in mouth disease) […]

Hypnotic Communication

Published on May 20, 2012 By Kathy

Effective hypnotic communication is based on suggestion. Think, for a moment, about the ways in which various forms of suggestion play an integral part in your life. You drive to work, passing a billboard showing a group of euphoric people listening to KJOY. The suggestion: Your life will be happier, joyful even, if you listen […]

Learn Stage Hypnosis – The Truth Behind Stage Hypnosis

Published on December 18, 2011 By Kathy

Learn Stage Hypnosis – The Truth Behind Stage Hypnosis Article by Hypnosis Expert Learn Stage Hypnosis The thing behind stage hypnosis is a greater number of as opposed to just how many people see in movies and story plots written in novels or stage plays. Hypnosis has indeed unlocked a large number of secrets behind […]

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