Reiki Benefits for Your Pets

Animal Reiki benefits our animal companions on numerous levels…

  • Animal Reiki Calms Scared, Fearful Animals
  • Helps Reduce Stress, Induces Relaxation to Promote Better Healing
  • Great for Ferals, Wildlife, Rescues, Hard to Reach & Handle Animals
  • Long distance energy healing works anywhere in the world
  • We are all “Beings of Energy” – Negative & Positive Ions
  • Energy flow blockages = Slows Pet’s Internal Healing Systems & Functions
  • Energy healing removes energy blocks – creates “optimum” self-healing
  • Animal’s energy fields includes spiritual, emotional, mental & physical well being
  • Animal Reiki is a natural safe healing tool

By offering our animal companions Reiki, something is given back to our pets for all the healing, unconditional love and laughter they give us.

Animal Reiki is gentle and can be done hands on or from a distance. Also known as Pet Distance Reiki, it has principles and symbols that automatically set the healing intent as positive, and does not rely on any type of belief system or particular religion to work.

Animals are very open to the distance healing energy of Reiki, and many animals/pets give Reiki to their owners on a daily basis. Using Reiki with pets, no matter what types of prescribed drug therapies and any other programs your pet may be on, Reiki can work side-by-side naturally with anything your vet or other pet care professionals may be utilizing.

Through Animal Reiki long distance healing, pets own healing processes can be accelerated, ease their pain, reduce stress and improve or help to continue their quality of life. Animals love receiving the warm vibrations of Reiki energy and benefit greatly from it.

Give some unconditional love and healing back to your pet with a Reiki session. They will thank you for it in their own way.

Dog receiving Reiki

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