Infertility is a heartbreaking issue that, according to the CDC, affects approximately six percent of married women (15-44 years of age) in the US alone. Infertility impacts much more than a woman’s ability to hive a child, and it is not an insignificant matter to be dismissed or discounted. It is a matter that is on par with other catastrophic issues, though it gets less recognition and far less sympathy.

Hypnosis is renowned for its efficacy in stress and anxiety relief. HypnoFertility (HF) is a comprehensive application of hypnotic techniques, based on the accepted science, and used to support the many facets of infertility and its treatments. The focus of HF is to elicit a balance of mind/body/spirit, with emphasis on stress relief and ego-strengthening. This assists clients in “taking their lives back,” or recovering a sense of normalcy in daily life that enables them to be present, and to enhance positive awareness in other areas of their lives.

Infertility impacts people o multiple levels: it is emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically exhausting; and can be financially and socially devastating.

HF is designed to facilitate the healing of debilitating “brokenness;” it helps to relieve fear and confusion; and it fosters a healthy mind state where all other factors can be effectively evaluated, integrated, or discarded as appropriate.  Through HG, clients are able to be present in the moment, and to undergo any treatment or procedure without preconceived “certainties” of failure. They are not only validated, but empowered; they experience a restoration of mind/body/spirit balance, and a sense of “normalcy” in heir everyday lives.

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