Imagine Yourself As…

There’s a potential that lies inside in seed form that is what you’re becoming. To be able to have a hand in giving this potential shape and form is the art of conscious manifestation. While there’s something to be said for just being in the “now,” it is still dynamically valuable to be able to birth a new vision for yourself and your life on the level of the deep inner mind.

Hypnotists have long known the power of visualization. But even more, it’s about going to the deeper levels of your mind and allowing the most expanded form of self-creation that is humanly possible to come forth. It’s a magnificent thing to do in hypnosis, as it opens up the next steps for manifestation and the answers to whatever ails us or troubles our lives. It is a form of prayer in picture or sound. It is the perfect end to any hypnosis session and the perfect ritual to do regularly for anyone who is healing and transforming his/her life.

If you want to create health or worldly shifts, you need to make sure there’s an “all-clear-signal” in the subconscious mind. If you decide that you wish to create something good for you, you need to see if there’s anything deep inside that may be obstructing this creation. If you’ve wanted to lose weight or earn more, you need to first look within and see if there are any saboteurs in the deep inner mind. Are there thought waves like, “I really can’t heal this,” or “I’ll never have enough money.” Then with awareness, you will be able to open up to more expanded levels, such as “Yes, I am hopeful about my healing,” or “I am healing myself now,” or “I have plenty of money, and a lot more is coming to me now.”

We can balance out our body/mind and create the optimal atmosphere for manifestation and healing by paying attention to our deep inner mind, the subconscious, and keeping it in as much balance and harmony as possible. Hypnosis and meditation are beautiful ways to do this. And as we think the highest possible thoughts, peptides are sent to the body/mind in powerful ways.

Yogi Ramacharaka wrote about cell communities in the early 1900s. Thought-force healing is based on the “fact” that organs, parts and even cells of the body have “mind” in them. When a strong thought impression from outside is charged with prana or vital breath, the body can receive communications about healing and manifestation. He recommends that you address the parts you wish to heal or transform and tell these parts what you expect of them. You can tell them things like, “I expect you to do the work that the infinite mind gave you to do.” When you directly communicate with the consciousness in the cells and communities of cells that form the organs, you can create great results. He says you “awaken the attention of the cell mind,” and you are listened to carefully.

Thoughts like anger, frustration, blame or unforgiveness keeps you out of that flow. When you keep watching and shifting the energy of your emotions and turning toward the highest states possible, such as love or wisdom, you move the healing and manifestation by light years.

What the mind can conceive, the body can achieve.

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