Cleansing with Reiki

Have you ever walked into someone’s home and felt drained, ill or like you wanted to turn around and leave? What you are experiencing is the vibration of energy contained in their home, and for better or worse, it can be inviting or repulsive to all who enter.

Since Reiki is pure life force energy and can only be used for the purpose of healing, wellness and ‘good’ things, it is an excellent way to cleanse your home. This can best be done by a Master Practitioner who is accustomed to doing this type of energy clearing and space cleansing. Reiki has been used for centuries to heal humans and animals and it has also been channeled to heal the energy of physical spaces, such as to create sacred spaces. This creating of healthy, safe, sacred space can be translated to the home to attract better quality energy, therefore attracting better experiences and making an overall improvement to life in that space.

Reiki is an intelligent energy- it is what we are all made from, so it knows itself what is necessary for that space, however, a Master Practitioner can properly channel this energy into your space. The Reiki Master will utilize all the Reiki symbols they are attuned to in order to draw in as much powerful, cleansing energy as is needed.

Once you have had this type of clearing done you may feel the house has a lighter, cleaner feel to it, almost as if you had actually physically cleaned it. The effects can last a long time or a short time and this depends on what is going on in the lives of the inhabitants, the overall environment, and many other factors, which the Reiki Master may be able to address further through discussion and spiritual consultation with the home’s inhabitants. Over time, several clearings can be done that will continue to raise the energy levels inside the home so that the house (or apartment) itself becomes a tool to holding, storing and further attracting the best quality energy.

Having a Reiki Home Cleansing can be as essential as a routine physical cleansing that you would normally do anyway. Just like sweeping away cobwebs and washing the floors, Reiki can sweep away energetic debris and invite in higher frequencies that will keep your home energetically fresh and clean.

Reiki for your home could greatly improve the state of your life.

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