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Kathy Heng Certified Hypnotist My name is Kathy Heng.  My husband and I live in the northwestern part of Iowa.  Our  son and  wife live in the area too.  We are blessed to have them near by.  I am also a Navy vet, like being outside, whenever possible, and love animals!

I got into hypnosis because of my insomnia issues.  I was searching on Iowa Lakes Community College’s web page in the Continuing Education section, and found an online class on hypnosis.  As I was reading about the lessons that would be taught, I discovered that insomnia is a frustration that hypnosis can help with and the more I read, the more I could relate with everything.  I took the class, passed all the exams and traveled to Omaha, NE to take the certification exam.  I left the testing site as a certified hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists.  After doing sessions on smoking cessation, weight issues, fear of heights, pain management, just to name a few, I decided to take hypnosis up a level and started doing stage hypnosis.

My shows are family oriented and I really enjoy seeing people having fun and enjoying themselves.  Whenever I hear, “My cheeks are sore from laughing so hard,” then I know that everything I studied had a purpose and it makes my heart happy!  After all, laughter is good for the soul!

Kathy Heng, C.Ht., R.M.

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