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Using Reverse Visualization

September 27, 2015

An interesting thing about the human mind is it tends to work backwards. When we set up to achieve a goal, the first thing we do is start with the end in mind and work backwards through the steps that would turn that goal into reality. When planning a vacation, you don’t start by packing […]

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The Benefits of Equine Reiki

September 13, 2015

Reiki is a holistic system of energy healing. Practitioners are connected with the healing energy of the universe and channel it through their hands. Once limited to healing people, it now also benefits companion animals around the globe. A growing number of animal rescues are taking advantage of its healing benefits. Energy flows through the […]

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How Reiki Helps Cancer Patients

September 6, 2015

Reiki, a stress and relaxation technique, has become a subject of curiosity for cancer patients everywhere. Studies and anecdotal evidence has shown that, in addition to promoting relaxation among patients, Reiki can also be used to encourage healing and provide other benefits. People who promote Reiki believe that pain and illness in the body are […]

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