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Reiki for Traumatic Stress

May 31, 2015

A major study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control, The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study, revealed a powerful relationship between our traumatic experiences as children and our physical and mental health as adults. The study demonstrated that traumatic stress is much more common than recognized or acknowledged, and suggested that these experiences are major […]

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Cousins, Reiki and Acupuncture

May 24, 2015

Thanks to Einstein, we know that there are only two kinds of things in the world: energy, and things that can become energy. But what is energy? We might call it an intangible essence, a spark of activity that cannot be created, destroyed, or easily defined. Reiki and acupuncture share a number of attributes. Energy […]

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Food Addictions

May 17, 2015

The biggest and most vile culprit and assassin known to the kingdom of food is SUGAR! On its own and in foods, it increases the beta endorphin in the brain which is a feel good substance. It’s a natural opiate morphine-like substance. It’s really a comfort food which has a virtual delivery system right into […]

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Reiki and Strokes

May 10, 2015

Every year, 15 million people worldwide suffer a stroke. Nearly six million die and another five million are left permanently disabled. Stroke is the second leading cause of disability, after dementia. Globally, stroke is the second leading cause of death above the age of 60 years, and the fifth leading cause of earth in people […]

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Reiki and Babies

May 3, 2015

The calming effect of Reiki is great for all infants and babies, but especially for preemies and newborns with special needs. Every newborn is unique and special. Even after just a week of life, some babies show early signs of stress, such as fussiness or colic. While infant stress may seem harmless at first glance, […]

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