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Controlling Bleeding and Hemophilia with Hypnosis

August 18, 2013

In 1982, there was a BBC television documentary called “Hypnosis: Can Your Mind Control Your Body?” The show featured a case where Dr. Kay Thompson* hypnotized a hemophiliac to control his bleeding. He had several teeth removed while in hypnosis without the excessive, unstoppable bleeding that one would expect a hemophiliac to normally have. (* […]

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Explanation of Pain

August 11, 2013

Using the word “pain” creates more pain, as it is referred to as a “painted” word. Start using the word “discomfort” instead. Some pain sneaks up on us and sometimes it can be too late to correct the underlying cause. First, there is the pain that we are aware of, like hitting our thumb with a hammer. […]

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Hypnosis and Emergencies

August 4, 2013

Hypnosis is a wonderful asset when working with accident victims. Trama victims are already in a critical factor bypass or are already in a formalized state of a hypnotic trance.  Fear is the reason the Critical Factor Bypass is reached, hence the deep hypnotic state. The word “pain” should never be used. It is a “painted” word or a word that just […]

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