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August 19, 2012

Anger is the most destructive of all emotions because it lies hidden, unrecognized, in many other symptoms of maladjustment. In guilt we are angry at ourselves. In hate we are angry at the object of our hatred. In self-pity we are angry at the situations or people that frustrate us. Anger may be overt, but […]

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Destructive Emotions

August 12, 2012

Most human beings mature physically, some mature intellectually, but few mature emotionally. A well-rounded adult matures physically, knowledgeably, intellectually, and emotionally. Most of us do not mature emotionally, and frustration and unhappiness are the result. Consider a sporting event in which a questionable point is scored. The participants and spectators of the scoring side will […]

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Hynosis and Children (revisited)

August 5, 2012

A simple explanation of what a hypnotist does is to help another person “change their mind.” This explanation is so simple that it is actually profound! We change our minds on many different issues. We change our minds on how we respond to a situation, person or an object. This simple definition reinforces the fact that hypnosis […]

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